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Techniques and Technologies

“VIROC hospital Vadodara” is the first and only centre for NKR technique in Gujarat

The Natural Knee Replacement (NKR) Program at VIROC Hospital, Vadodara, combines Dr. Vrajesh Shah and Dr. Rajiv Paradkar’s exhaustive research spanning a period of 10 years to create a pioneering surgical technique for aesthetic knee-replacement.

Since ten years ago, Dr. Vrajesh Shah and Dr. Rajiv Paradkar of VIROC hospital started working with best knee replacement Centers & Surgeons of Australia, America, Germany, Korea and other countries with advanced medical research. With exhaustive and meticulous study and research, Dr. Shah and Dr. Paradkar, have devised an avant-garde technique of knee replacement – the NKR technique. Placing their trust in Dr. Shah and Dr. Paradkar’s NKR technique, parents of over 50 of the most renowned doctors of Vadodara have undergone successful knee replacements, under the NKR technique, at VIROC hospital.

Over a period of years, the shock absorbing cartilages of the knee joints wear naturally, resulting in the immensely painful forms of arthritis that interrupt many activities of life. The number of elderly persons suffering distress due to knee aches is increasing every day. And the Last resort to allay this pain is knee-replacement. A conventional total knee-replacement surgery meets the standard parameters that enable the elders to walk up to 2kms without a limp, ascend and descend stairways and stand straight on their feet. But do you wish your parents to be able to do just this after a knee replacement surgery? Will your parents be satisfied with such minimalistic results? Vadodara’s renowned VIROC hospital now offers the unique NKR technique in order to completely restore the life of elderly persons. NKR is the uncompromising technique that not just transplants the knee, but rebuilds a patient’s life by infusing Pace, power and performance which leads to positive attitude for life.

Under this technique, a new cap is fitted, taking utmost care that the natural structure of the bone and the surrounding tissues are not distorted. This ensures a perfect balance and longevity of the implant, while ensuring that the patient is completely relieved of the knee-pain, bending legs and limps.

Our ageing parents wish to lead a normal life and undertake strenuous pilgrimages. But very often, their ageing knee joints do not support their physically exerting expeditions. But NKR is a definite technique to reinstate normal life for your parents in every way, making it possible to undertake the pilgrimage of their choice – whether it is the Chaar Dhaam yatra, Vraj Parikrama, Palitana or Haj.

This revolutionary NKR treatment has given a new lease of life to hundreds of patients with moderate to severe arthritis. NKR has not just made them active, but restored their normal lives in an incredible way.

VIROC doctors always favour the Nature. Why to disturb god’s creation? Thus to protect natural elements of the knee and to make a patient pain free we started “Partial Knee Replacement”. This technique involves replacement of part of the knee which has been worn out. This will allow the surgeon to preserve all other structures of the knee as it is. Partial Knee Replacement is like a boon for young osteoarthritic patients that allow patients to live fully after the surgery without any hurdles. After surgery, one can walk and climb stairs without any support on his/her own. In addition patient can have his dinner with family at home on the very next day of the surgery. Such techniques of knee replacement have been learned by our experienced surgeons and are constantly serving their kind services to the patients with honesty and transparency.