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Sports Injury / Arthroscopy

An insertion of scope inside the body, which cures your injured part with minimal cut and provides excellent outcome.
(Headline) In 21 st century where the technology has been taken place in the core of everyone’s life. An arthroscopy is an intervention that has changed the whole picture of orthopaedic surgeries. It has its own pros and cons but the positive factors of arthroscopy outstand more than its negative factors.
In old days all ligamentous and soft tissue related surgeries were open surgeries. A boon like substitute to those surgeries is an arthroscopy, which allows doctors to do surgery with minimal incision (cut) and maximal positive outcome. A scope is being inserted in the body which shows the whole joint on the screen. Such interventions allow patient to get back to routine very early.
Arthroscopic surgery can successfully treat many conditions, such as torn meniscus cartilage in the knee. However, certain problems (such as arthritis) tend to have a variable success rate. The scars from the procedure are tiny and unobtrusive. See your doctor if you experience signs of infection, including:

  • Red, inflamed or weepy incision sites
  • Unusual pain in the knee
  • Calf swelling despite elevation

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