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“Bring your Bag of bone and we can fix them all”

Complex fracture management by our surgeons makes Viroc hospital outrageous than other orthopedic hospitals available in Vadodara.

To be first preferred choice locally in case of trauma is a quality core value of Viroc Hospital. Complex fractures are the results of severe trauma or any other causes like heavy road traffic accidents (RTAs). We have 24 hours emergency department available which is handled by qualified Doctors.

Complex fractures are very tough to tackle with. Because it may have involve other human body systems too. Expertise doctors are required to handle such emergencies. Complex fracture involves; comminuted fractures, non-healing fractures, mal united fractures, infective fractures, peri-prosthetic fractures etc. Such fractures will require utmost post-operative care in terms of wound care, rehabilitation, prophylaxis.

Why to choose Viroc for complex Fractures?

  1. We have surgeons available who have extraordinary experience in traumatic conditions and its management.
  2. Infection free operation theaters (OT).
  3. Best post-operative care.
  4. We have dynamic rehabilitation team to help the patient to get back to routine as soon as possible.
  5. Homely atmosphere during hospital stay.

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