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Almost all individuals above age of 30 years would have suffered from back pain or neck pain.

Today 50- 60 % patients having back pain due to their wrong posture, occupation & lack of exercises. Back and neck pain is definitely preventable, controllable and curable in 90% of cases without surgery.

Back school is humble social initiative of VIROC for patient education which has major role to prevent and control back and neck pain “ prevention is better than cure”

Do you know back pain cost more than $ 100 BILLION per year in America. One Third is direct cost of care. Two third decreased productivity, loss wages and absenteeism. We do not have Indian data but it will definitely be more due to our work culture and environment.

As a mission to prevent and control back pain we have decided to educate our people and society so that they can take responsibility in prevention and control of their own problems. One step ahead in making Indian Society healthy.

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